Coffee was never meant just for the nose. If it were, it would’ve stayed in the trees, or sat in benign vases, and bored bouquets.
Meet Robusta: the coffee bean that’s rich in caffeine; a full bodied coffee that’s perfect for the tongue. For the first time in the country, premium speciality Robusta Coffee comes to you from the bosom of the Western Ghats. Born on the banks of a restless mountain river, nestled in the care of a murmuring rainforest, and nurtured by crisp mountain air, we bring you, Riverine Coffee. Breathe and allow the tongue to enjoy coffee, with a slurp.


Riverine Robusta Coffee is a Northern African legacy that spins its destiny in the Indian subcontinent. Here, a rain-forest canopy nestles the beans in warmth and ambient soft light, infusing them with its tropical energy; a joie de vivre that comes from every form and flame of life that thrives in the lush green.

Riverine Robusta is a coffee that stirs like no other.


Born of the seasonal showers that lash the tropical subcontinent, is this delicate blossom that bears Riverine Robusta Coffee. Blooming annually, these buds weave a cream-white tapestry in the rainforest. The air plays guessing games with the gentle aroma that finds its way to your cup, every morning.

Riverine Robusta is a coffee that leaves a trail in its wake.


A berry nursed in the lap of nature. A bean made by sleight of hand. Riverine Robusta Coffee is raised, nurtured, and pampered by indigenous communities that inhabit the rain forests of the subcontinent. Here, forest dwellers harvest not just a cherry, but the very essence, the spirit of the tropics.

Riverine Robusta is a coffee that is craft.


Riverine Robusta Coffee is as giddy as where it comes from: the Western Ghats. Grown at the fringes of the Indian subcontinent, this bean has been cocooned by clouds at 3000 ft., nourished by volcanic soil, quenched by a tempestuous river, ensconced by tropical rainforest.

Riverine Robusta is a coffee as fresh as its mountain.

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KCJ AgroSol

Agro Processing & Export House

373-E, Thekumthara P O, Kalpetta - 673121, Wayanad, Kerala, India.

Tel: 04936-280786
Mobile: +91 956 263 4304
E-Mail: feedback@riverine.co.in

Who we are


Our organisation has been engaged in tree-crop agriculture for the past 25 years, primarily cultivating and manufacturing sheet rubber for aircraft tyres.

We farm cocoa, pepper, and true to Kerala stereotype, coconuts, and more. Paddy is also cultivated in our wetlands.

Our farm produce are highly sought after, and arises from the efforts of our farm-based organisation that is spread over naturally-fertile tracts of land, panning altitude and climatic regions in the Western ghats, and the Deccan plateau. Our environmental & agricultural practises are guided by the principles of the Rainforest Alliance.

Where to find us

Hopping over stones all the way from the Nilgiris, gushing around the bend in the rain forests of Wayanad, nestled under thick trees, plucked by bare hands, turned and burnt by the tropical sun - Riverine has come a long way to come to you.

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Sunkissed. Then, fire burned.

Once winter has visited the mountains, time and toil truly come to fruition. The air sings with a moist fragrance, and the river whispers all her secrets to the blooming, stretching shrubs. Come January and February, we find ourselves picking ripe, evenly red cherries.

Each batch is precious rescue. Each harvest is a paean to the geography and the alchemy of the Western Ghats. And in that crop, we choose just the perfect cherries.

And then, we grade and roast our coffees in the way it has been handed down to us – traditionally. Each cherry is picked by hand. Each berry is raked by fingers. Each bean is graded by eye. The beans are then roasted to perfection, for a smokiness unlike any other.

In order to preserve the freshness of our coffee, we present our Robusta in bean form, perfect for grinding before you make your cup. But if you’re seeking a quick fix each morning, we also offer our coffee ground to perfection.


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