Sunkissed. Then, fire burned.

Once winter has visited the mountains, time and toil truly come to fruition. The air sings with a moist fragrance, and the river whispers all her secrets to the blooming, stretching shrubs. Come January and February, we find ourselves picking ripe, evenly red cherries.

Each batch is precious rescue. Each harvest is a paean to the geography and the alchemy of the Western Ghats. And in that crop, we choose just the perfect cherries.

And then, we grade and roast our coffees in the way it has been handed down to us – traditionally. Each cherry is picked by hand. Each berry is raked by fingers. Each bean is graded by eye. The beans are then roasted to perfection, for a smokiness unlike any other.

In order to preserve the freshness of our coffee, we present our Robusta in bean form, perfect for grinding before you make your cup. But if you’re seeking a quick fix each morning, we also offer our coffee ground to perfection.


  • Mayurnath says:

    Posted: October 19, 2013

    Good coffee with South Indian filter coffee taste. Will try at home for sure.

  • Dhanvir Fernandez says:

    Posted: October 19, 2013

    Strong and very good

  • Aravind Baradhwaj says:

    Posted: October 19, 2013

    An impressive coffee blend. Good to know that you also take up online orders.


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    Posted: April 30, 2013


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